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Andrii Mashchenko - photo

Andrii Mashchenko

managing partner

mobile phone: +38 050 441 36 15

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Andrii is a graduate of Economics and Law Faculty of Donetsk National University and the Faculty of International Law of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, with honors.

He works in MBLS starting 1999.

Andrii is experienced to work on-site in foreign jurisdictions, inter alia providing legal support of business negotiations and legal protection of Ukrainians abroad. Also, he conducts cases in collaboration with foreign counsels.

He specializes in representing clients in courts in dealing with civil and commercial disputes, cases of administrative offenses. He is also experienced in land disputes resolution, debt collection in Ukraine and abroad, the protection of investors' rights in construction projects etc. Andrii has extensive and sometimes exclusive experience in arrests of seagoing vessels held in Ukraine and in foreign jurisdictions.

Andrii advises on business structuring including using offshore companies.

He is the author of a number of articles describing rules of arrest of sea going vessels; on the legal regulation of international transportation of goods etc.

Andrii has the right to practice law (an Advocate license No. 3056)

He speaks Ukrainian, English and Russian.

In the ranking of "Legal newspaper" the results of 2012-2013 he was named one of the top 5 attorneys in the practice of maritime law in Ukraine. The MBLS Law Firm, led by Andrii, entered the TOP-10 in the practice of transport, maritime and customs law, according to the Legal Newspaper rating of law companies of 2016. He was a legal counsellor to the Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC "Ukrainian Railways" and the Chief Legal Officer of this enterprise.

Liudmyla Mashchenko - photo

Liudmyla Mashchenko

partner - manager of Mariupol office

office: +38 0629 410 144

mobile phone: +38 050 564 73 63

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Ms. Mashchenko has been practicing law more than 35 years.

Upon graduation from Kharkiv Institute of Law in 1973 with Jurisprudence Specialist diploma, she worked in the municipal authorities in Luhansk Region, and then as in-house lawyer, as a notary and as a judge.

In 1986 Liudmila Mashchenko was invited to work in the Legal Department of Azov Shipping Company, which at that moment operated all ports of the Sea of Azov, ship repairing yards, Kerch Ferry, and 133 ships. In addition to extensive maritime law practice obtained during her work at the shipping company, Ms. Mashchenko received relevant training at the Dolfin agency company in Italy.

In 1996 Liudmila Mashchenko became a partner and one of the founders of the MBLS law firm.

In 1996 Liudmila Mashchenko led the team of MBLS lawyers to develop and successfully enforce, for the first time in Ukraine, an arrest of the sea trade ship on the territory of Ukraine in the port of Mariupol.

Liudmila Mashchenko is one of the best maritime law specialists in Ukraine. In 1995, she was a member of advisory group on drafting of the Trade Shipping Code of Ukraine.

Ms. Mashchenko is a licensed attorney-at-law.

Vlada Mashchenko - photo

Vlada Mashchenko


mobile phone: +38 050 697 07 87

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Vlada has extensive successful experience in representing companies in commercial, administrative and civil courts as well as in enforcement proceedings. While working as in-house lawyer she has gained experience of protecting enterprises' interests in the process of inspections conducted by supervisory state bodies and law enforcement authorities.

She has successful experience of commercial disputes resolution in an amicable way. Among Vlada's successes including but not limited is settling the long-term controversy between two real estate development corporations where the parties eventually have agreed to work together in a project that has been in dispute.

Vlada is a specialist in real estate matters. She has extensive experience in legal support of real estate transactions, including the acquisition of integrated property complexes, leasing, construction, as well as dispute resolution related to real estate, inter alia a challenge/ protection of relevant titles on land; appealing decisions of local authorities; protection of the rights of tenants etc.

She is a graduate of the Economic Law Faculty of Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine, Kharkiv.

Vlada commenced her legal practice on 2001. Prior to MBLS she worked as in-house counsel for JSC "Sevastopol Marine Plant", Sevastopol, Crimea and for the Asset Management Company "Globus Asset Management". Also, she has been working as a legal counsel for "Energy Standard (Ukraine)" LLC, Kyiv of "Energy Standard" Group uniting Lvivoblenergo, Cherkassyoblenergo, Zaporozhtransformator and shipping company Ukrrechflot.

Natalia Shpak - photo

Natalia Shpak


mobile phone: +380 50 388 47 38

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Education: Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Moscow (Economics of Trade), Odessa State University named after Mechnikov (Faculty of Public Administration, Jurisprudence), Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko (Faculty of Psychology).

Work experience since 1990.

Specializations: maritime law, international trade, dispute resolution practice, energy and natural resources.

Member of Ukrainian Bar Association and Ukrainian National Bar Association.

Natalia Shpak is the judge of the Arbitration Court at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC, Ukraine), Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and Italian.


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