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The MBLS Law FIrm was founded in 1996 in the city of Mariupol. Mariupol is the center of the metallurgical and engineering industries of the southeast of Ukraine. Here is the largest Ukrainian sea trading port of the Azov Sea.

Our history

The MBLS Law Firm was established on the basis of the Marine Business and Legal Services Law Firm. This company since 1996 provided exclusive specialized services in the field of shipping and international trade in Ukraine and around the globe, including through established partnerships with specialized foreign law firms.

The founders of the firm were experienced professionals who were well-versed in the industry through their work in governmental agencies and companies. One of our first clients was the Azov Shipping Company, which operated 85 sea going vessels of all types.

In 2009, we established an office in Kiev for broader representation of the interests of our clients. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and is the location of all central and highest authorities of Ukraine, as well as the location of representative bodies of foreign states, organizations and companies.

In 2010, a new generation of partners joined the firm. At the same time, it was decided to expand the practice towards to servicing local and international business and investments. At the same time, it was decided to use the firm's short abbreviated name - MBLS, the abbreviation for the name Maritime Business & Legal Services.

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MBLS Law Firm is in TOP-10 law firms of Ukraine in practices of customs, maritime and transport law according to the "MARKET LEADERS" of 2016 and 2017 ratings by the Legal Newspaper.

MBLS today

In the process of development, our company has successfully mastered and actively implements new practices. Now the main areas of our activities are transport and maritime law, international courts and arbitrations, litigation in Ukraine, commercial law and customs, business and investment legal services, immigration law, family and hereditary matters.

Thanks to the association with one of the leading British law firms Lawrence Graham with a 300-year history and offices around the world, our firm has established international standards for the provision of legal services.

Today, MBLS offices operate in Mariupol and Kiev. Our clients are shipping and other companies not only from Ukraine, but also from the USA, Great Britain, Greece, Korea, Liberia, Switzerland and other countries. We successfully protect the interests of our clients around the world.

Partners and lawyers of MBLS are certified attorneys at law (advocates). We follow the rules of lawyer ethics, keep commercial secrets and confidential information of our clients. The information transferred to us is protected by the Law as an advocate's secret.

Our advantages

  • many years of successful practice in the field of shipping and international trade
  • excellent knowledge of the Azov and Black Sea area
  • work experience and internship in international law firms
  • partnership and close contacts with leading law firms in Great Britain, Greece, France, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Russia and other countries of the world
  • international standards for the provision of legal services
  • provision of services in 3 languages - Ukrainian, Russian and English. If necessary, we involve translators for processing information set out in another widly used langueges of the world

Our partners

The MBLS maintains close contacts with leading law firms in the UK, Greece, France, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Russia and other countries. In particular, our partners are: Lax & Co Solicitors, UK; Pavlakis & Partners, Greece; Delviso Avocats, France; CTS Tax Advisory GMBH, Austria; The Indian Lawyer and others.

Performance, 2016

Consultancy 20%
Litigation 80%
Disputes with state authorities (tax and customs offices) of the total number of cases 75%
Disputes with physical bodies and legal entities25%
Won cases of the total 100%
Economical effect / the value of won cases for 1 lawyer - UAH 3,283,748 / equivalent to USD 131,360 100%