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The MBLS' lawyers provide transport and maritime law services.

We advise cargo owners, carriers and forwarders on legal issues related to the conclusion and execution of contracts for the carriage of goods, including charter parties.

We represent parties in disputes raised of shortages, damage or loss of cargo. Represent interests of our clients in courts and international arbitration, including in disputes with ports and port administrations.

We advise on business structuring, port terminal construction, lease and concession, etc.

MBLS is a company with one of the most extensive experiences in Ukraine of seizure of sea going vessels for maritime claims in Ukraine and abroad, as well as the release from arrest. We have experience in selling ships and other property of shipping companies in Ukraine and abroad, incl. for debt collection.

Our clients are marine and other carriers, forwarders, consignors and consignees.

Our lawyers work closely with foreign law firms specializing in shipping and international trade, what allows us to quickly and efficiently provide services throughout the world.

In 2016 and in 2017, the MBLS Law Firm joined TOP-10 law firms in Ukraine in the practices of transport, maritime and customs law.

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Examples of our transport and maritime law services:

  • provision of legal advice related to the carriage of goods by sea, rail and other modes of transport
  • consultations related to the activities of freight forwarders and marine agents
  • drafting and legal examination of carriage of goods contracts, in particular charter parties
  • consultancy related to port regulation
  • litigation and international arbitration related to the contract of carriage (damages / loss of cargo, non-compliance with terms, non-payment of the contract, etc.)
  • arrest of vessels in Ukraine and abroad, release of ships from arrest

If you need the best lawyers in the field of transport and maritime law in Ukraine - contact MBLS in our offices in Kiev or Mariupol!

Case Study

Recovery of damage suffered due to the maritime accident. Acting in the interests of a US-registered cargo owner

A USA-registered company, owner of damaged cargo, addressed to the MBLS with the request to recover damage suffered as a result of a maritime accident. During transportation of soap in containers from Port Mersin, Turkey to Port Kherson, Ukraine, a vessel took a list, resulting in some containers falling in water and damaging the cargo. The amount of losses was more than 900,000 US dollars.

The MBLS lawyers prepared a claim to the ship-owner, a law-suit was filed with the Commercial Court of the Kherson Oblast, and also assisted in obtaining a legal opinion of an English lawyer with regard to the procedure of application for payment of insurance compensation under the rules of relevant P&I club.

Ship arrest in a Ukrainian port as a provisional remedy for a claim submitted in a foreign court

At the request of the Greek law firm, our lawyers conducted an arrest of a merchant ship flying under a flag of DPR Korea in Port Mariupol as an interim measure to secure a claim of compensation payment after a seaman’s death on board. As a result of a prompt and effective ship arrest, the dispute had been settled shortly afterwards. The ship-owner had paid compensation to the relatives of the deceased sailor. While working on this case, our lawyers managed to obtain a court arrest as an interim measure to secure a claim was being considered with a foreign court, which is a very rare practice in Ukraine.

Ship arrest in Ukrainian port as a provisional remedy for a seamen’s claim for wages

A ship under the flag of Cambodia was arrested in Port Mykolaiv (Ukraine) according to a ruling of the competent Ukrainian court as an interim measure to secure a claim for wages filed by a group of crew members. In course of further court proceedings, the arrest had been lifted by the court. Our lawyers, however, appealed the lifting of the arrest in the court of appeals and obtained, and, further, executed a repeated arrest of the vessel, which by that time fled to Port Mariupol (Ukraine). Since then the arrest had been kept till the end of the court proceedings, which led to a settlement on favorable to the sailor terms. The ship-owner has paid the debt.

Release of a dredging convoy from arrest in Port Mariupol

The MBLS’ lawyers protected interests of a Russian ship-owner and released from arrest in Port Mariupol the dredging convoy consisting of 4 vessels flying under the flag of the Russian Federation. Ships had been arrested as a security measure for a maritime claim. Lawyers of the firm prepared the petition for cancellation of applied provisional remedies and represented client’s interests in Mariupol district court. The MBLS’ lawyers managed to demonstrate the absence of due legal grounds for the dredging convoy detention, and also ensured safe leave of the convoy from the port.

Release of the ship from arrest in Ukrainian port

A Liberian ship operator who freighted a vessel under the flag of the Russian Federation addressed to the MBLS with the request to release the ship detained by the order of Port Mariupol Harbor Master. The ship had been detained to secure a maritime claim against the owner of the ship arisen of returning the vessel and replacement of a crew. The MBLS lawyers prepared and submitted an application demonstrating the lack of due legal grounds for arrest, and assisted in further release of the ship.

Recovery of the additional damages in connection with death of a seaman

At the request of relatives of the deceased, our firm collected from a Greek ship-owner the additional compensation sum for the death of a seaman. The recovered amount had been received in addition to the sum already paid under the seaman’s employment contract

The MBLS’ lawyers prepared documents were being filed with a Greek court and, together with the Greek colleagues, represented client’s interests in courts and participated in the settlement of the dispute. As a result, the client has obtained an additional compensation based on the Greek seamen salary level.

Recovery of damages for a seaman’s injury on board

A client addressed to our company with the request to recover a compensation for an injury received on a vessel flying under the Panamanian flag and belonging to the ship-owner registered in Nevis. The MBLS lawyers legally established the fact of accident through a court ruling, prepared a letter of demand to the ship-owner, and further submitted a lawsuit for compensation of the harm caused to health, simultaneously applying for and receiving a court order for arrest of the ship as an interim remedy. The ship-owner filed a counterclaim against the seaman for collection of damages allegedly caused by the latter, and a separate claim disputing the results of medical examination of the seaman. Our lawyers represented interests of the client in Mariupol district court, Donetsk Oblast (region) Court of Appeal, Donetsk Administrative Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

In the end the court decided in favor of the client-the sailor and ordered to collect the sum of compensation for caused to sailor injury. All of counterclaims of the ship-owner were rejected.

Recovery of the crewmen's salary from the Greek ship-owner

Our company represented interests of a merchant vessel crew in dispute with the Greek ship-owner regarding recovery of non-paid seamen’s salary. Acting together with our partners from a Greek law firm, our lawyers arrested, and subsequently sold, a debtor’s vessel in Port Piraeus. The creditors’ rights were transferred to one of the Greek banks, thus enabling the crewmen to receive the outstanding debt before official distribution of the funds received after the vessel’s sale from auction. As a result of settlement, our clients received about 360,000 US dollars.