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Andrii Mashchenko took part in consideration of the case in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv - screenshot

Andrii Mashchenko (director of MBLS law firm) took part in consideration of the case in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv. The court considers the claim of the Association "Marine Chamber of Ukraine" to the State Service of the Sea and River Transport of Ukraine (Maritime Administration) and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The claimant requests to: recognize as illegal the Maritime Administration’s actions which held a competition for the placement of as they sad "vacant" posts of captains of seaports of Ukraine; and to oblige the Ministry of Infrastructure to refrain from appointing to posts the winners of mentioned competitions.

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A discussion on the legality of actions of created in 2017 and started its work in 2018 Maritime Administration subordinate of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has been taking place at Ukrinform - information agency.

The merchant ships Candy and Maestro - image

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The Azov has become a lawless sea, and Russia is to blame.

That’s the conclusion many are drawing after two merchant ships under U.S. sanctions, linked to the illicit transportation of fuel to Iran and Syria, burned near the Kerch Strait from Jan. 21 to Jan. 23.

Andrii Mashchenko comments for ICTV channel - screenshot

The Russian Navy attacks Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait - comments of MBLS lawyers for ICTV channel.

Andrii Mashchenko - photo

Just like any work, debt collection from shipping companies has its own nuances. The ones we had to deal with in our practice while specializing, in particular, in the legal services for maritime transport are set out in this article, in the form of a brief overview.

Andrii Mashchenko and Natalia Shpak - image

On April 12, 2018 at the National University "Odessa Law Academy" in Odessa, there was a special discussion of amendments to the procedural law of Ukraine on judicial support of arbitration including international commercial arbitration.