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Andrii Mashchenko, specially for the Lawyer & the Law analytical magazine

In our practice, we encountered different obstacles to imported goods crossing the Ukrainian border. In particular, we represented clients in disputes with customs authorities in cases of canceling customs decisions on adjusting the customs value of goods, as well as in cases of violation of customs rules, in which our clients were threatened with confiscation of goods and fines imposed on declarants in the amount of the value of goods which price was tens of thousands of euros. The relevant court practice and our findings on the possibility of protecting the interests of importers and exporters in Ukraine are given below.


Vlada and Liudmyla Mashchenko were speaker’s on the meeting of the Committee on Women's Entrepreneurship Development at the Mariupol Branch of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took place on December 06, 2019. They told entrepreneurs about innovations in tax legislation effect individual entrepreneurs.

In particular, on the following changes were made:

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Is it possible to renew an illegally dismissed employee on a post? Yes.

Is it possible, after renewal at work, to work peacefully at an enterprise that wants to get rid of you? Such cases do occur, but the probability is negligible.

Every dismissed employee who wants to appeal his wrongful dismissal must ask himself the question “Why do I need this?”.

Black Sea

Article by KyivPost, Igor Kossov, Published Oct. 25.

Experts: Andrii Mashchenko, director of LLC MBLS Law Firm; Sergii Korsunsky, a former Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey; Michael Petersen, director of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute at the U. S. Naval War College; Soner Cagaptay, author of the book “Erdogan’s Empire” - an expert on Turkey’s relations with the United States and others.

Vlada Mashchenko - partner of the law firm MBLS

On September 19, 2019 in Mariupol, with support of Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a forum of business women was held.

Vlada Mashchenko - partner of the law firm “MBLS” - took part in the forum.

On August 16, 2019, meeting of the Transport Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association took place in Odessa.

The topic of the meeting was: "Disputes in the field of merchant shipping and ways to resolve them".

Andrii Mashchenko - Director of MBLS Law Firm delivered a report on: “Debt collection from shipping companies - nuances”.