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MBLS lawyers advise on set up and doing business in Ukraine and abroad, including on registration of enterprises and foreign representative ofiices, obtaining permits and licenses, buying and selling business and real estate.

We provide legal assistance in usual and complex transactions, with regard to export and import operations.

We advise on labor issues, as well as on inspections of fiscal and law enforcement agencies.

We represent interests of companies in courts and international arbitration, in disputes with employees, contractors and governmental bodies.

As part of the legal support of the construction business, we assist in obtaining land plots for rent, obtaining permits, concluding agreements related to construction, and provide relevant consultations. We participate in the resolution of disputes.

Our lawyers have experience as in-house lawers of large enterprises of various fields of activity.

Our clients are Ukrainian and foreign companies.

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Examples of our services

  • set up and registration of companies
  • purchase and sale of business
  • legal support of day-by-day business activity
  • legal support of construction
  • disputes resolution

If you need specialists for legal support of your business and investments - contact the MBLS in our offices in Kiev or Mariupol!

Case Study

Representation of an employer in a dispute on reinstatement a dismissed employee in his job

We represented a Russian Joint Stock Company’s subsidiary in Ukraine in a dispute on re-hiring an employee dismissed due to a single gross violation of the labor discipline and recovery of compensation for the period of dismissal. MBLS lawyers examined the materials of internal investigation, prepared a response to employee’s claim, and represented the client in relevant district court in Mariupol and further in the Donetsk Region Court of Appeal. The employee’s claim was dismissed.

Representing an industrial company in its relations with Tax Authorities of Ukraine and with a bank institution. Protection of company’s interest

Tax authorities notified the company about the violation of currency legislation of Ukraine in connection with short shipment paid for imported goods. In accordance with the norms of Ukrainian legislation tax authorities have the right to charge the company a penalty for each day exceeding the fixed in the Law period of delivery of goods prepaid by the resident of Ukraine. The amount of financial sanctions reaches the value of undelivered goods. After the negotiation conducted by the MBLS held with the serving the enterprise Bank, the international commercial operation had been withdrawn by the Bank from the currency control. As a result of lawyer’s work, the danger of imposing the financial sanctions was averted.