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MBLS lawyers provide legal services in the field of international and local trade and in relations with customs.

We have rich experience in drafring and legal expertise of commercial contracts. In particular, contracts of sale and purchase,supplies,forwarding contracts and charter parties, agency contracts and others.

In order to minimize taxation and ease the implementation of transaction, we can offer their structuring using companies with a special purpose (Special Purpose Vehecles).

In case of violation of the terms of payment or delivery of goods by counterparties under international contracts, we will negotiate with banks, tax authorities and other authorized bodies to prevent the imposition of connected financial and administrative sanctions.

We represent clients in courts and in international commercial arbitration.

We appeal against the decisions of the customs authorities, in particular on the adjustment of the customs value of goods. We represent interests of our clients in courts in cases of alleged violation of customs rules.

We are ready to provide legal services to traders and manufacturers, to forwarders and carriers.

Our lawyers are always ready to take an active part in negotiations and to develop a legal mechanism that best meets the wishes and business goals of our clients.

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Examples of our services

  • preparation and legal expertise of international contracts and contracts between residents of Ukraine.
  • disputes with customs authorities.
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of currency legislation (exchange control) and the settlement of disputes with fiscal authorities on this matter
  • VAT refund

If you are looking for experienced and highly qualified lawyers in commercial law and customs matters - contact MBLS in our offices in Kiev or Mariupol!

Case Study

Legal assistance during negotiations about the delivery of crane equipment from China to Russia

Our lawyers participated in and facilitated negotiations between the main supplier of crane equipment to Russian Railways and Chinese machine-building Corporation. These negotiations took place in Shanghai, China and resulted in signing of a preliminary agreement on manufacturing the equipment in China and delivery thereof to Russian Federation. Parties also agreed on establishment of a Russian–Chinese joint venture. MBLS lawyers provided as well a legal advice with regard to the possibilities to establish the Russian company’s branch in Hong Kong.