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The transfer of business to the heirs is the sphere that loves silence. Sell a business or donate it? - a dilemma that arises in minds of owners of solid capital. Another question: how is it better, more convenient and more profitable to formalize the rights to real estate in Ukraine and abroad?

To discuss such issues is possible only with a lawyer specialised in family and hereditary matters, which can be confided with information not only about the structure of your business, but also on possible secrets and problems of the family.

It is difficult to formalize the hereditary rights to business, if it is not a question of public shares, which can still be obtained through complex legal actions. At the same time, there are many notable examples are known when managers of business groups for a half-year period given for the entry of heirs into their heriditary rights took actions to split up the companies and did not allow the heirs to manage assets.

We shall help to determine the order of transfer of assets that are in Ukraine and abroad. We will protect the rights and interests of the heirs. We will offer the most profitable ways of owning property.

Clients can also rely on our help in family matters in cases of divorce, division of property, disputes over the maintenance and upbringing children, other family issues.

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Examples of our services in family matters:

  • preparation and entering into marriage contracts, co-residence agreements
  • divorce proceedings
  • settlement of disputes over matrimonial property of spouses (division of property during divorce, determination of the order of using the joint property)
  • determining the place of residence of children, determining the procedure for communicating with the children who live separately from one of the parent, participating in the upbringing of children
  • payment of alimony

Examples of our services in hereditary matters:

  • registration of the right to inheritance in Ukraine and abroad
  • disputes over inherited property and determining the mandatory share in the inheritance
  • support of registration of the last will
  • advice on inheritance law

If you need to find a lawyer for family and hereditary matters - contact the MBLS lawyers in our offices in Kiev or Mariupol!