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The MBLS employs lawyers have extensive successful litigation experience in Ukraine.

Hundreds of our clients have won court disputes in economic, administrative and civil courts. These were cases of recovery of debts, recovery of damage and losses incured, protection of property rights and investments, compulsion to fulfill contractual obligations, protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, recognition decisions of tax authorities and customs as illegal and labor disputes.

Among our successes:

  • collection of debts from the Commercial Bank "Privatbank" and compulsion of the bank to fulfill contractual obligations. The money being unreturned deposits were collected from the bank compalsury and returned to our clients, the bank was forced also to issue a promissory note of the proper form,
  • protection of land user rights in a dispute with the Kyivmiskbud Holding Company in the case of releasing a land plot. This company was the major developer in the capital of Ukraine – the city of Kyiv,
  • forcing the construction company Consol, the largest developer in Crimea, to sign a settlement agreement with the investor being our client and transfer to him the ownership of the real estate created as a result of their joint activity.

Examples of successful cases against tax and customs authorities:

  • the abolition of a number of decisions by the Zaporozhie customs office to increase the customs value of imported goods,
  • representation of declarants' and cargo owners interests in cases of violation of customs rules. In result - goods seized by the customs have been returned to our client, the initiated administrative proceedings were terminated. The client has avoided imposing financial sanctions on him.

Disputes vs. Tax Office:

  • recognition as unlawful and cancellation of tax notifications-decisions of Mariupol Tax Inspection on reduce the detached value of VAT and on the imposition of financial sanctions on the manufacturing enterprise – our client.

In the person of our lawyers you will receive reliable legal protectors of your right and interests in Ukrainian courts.

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Examples of our legal services

  • representating individuals and legal entities in courts in economic, administrative and civil cases in Ukraine as well as in international arbitration
  • arrests of property, including cargo and sea going vessels, other movable and immovable property to secure the claim
  • enforcement of judgments
  • insolvancy proceedings, protection of creditors' interests
  • protection of rights and interests of individuals and legal entities affected by the actions of state bodies of Ukraine at the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)

If you are looking for experienced and highly qualified lawyers who will represent your interests in Ukrainian courts - contact us in our offices in Kiev or Mariupol!

Case Study

Protection of a state enterprise interests against the Port of Kerch claims for payment of port services

Our lawyers have represented a state-owned sea agency in a dispute with Port Kerch over payment of port charges and penalties for payment delay. MBLS prepared necessary procedural documents and represented interests of the client in the Commercial Court of Donetsk Oblast (Region), Donetsk Commercial Court of Appeals, the High Commercial Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The courts finally dismissed all claims against our client.

Representation of a Mariupol gas supply and gasification company interests in dispute with PrivatBank being the one of the largest commercial banks of Ukraine

MBLS lawyers led over ten separate cases in the interests of the large Mariupol gas supply and gasification enterprise for return of the money from deposit accounts, compensation for the use of client’s money and penalties for a total amount of about 900,000 US dollars, with PrivatBank being the one of the largest banks of Ukraine. The case was very intense in terms of various procedural actions; in particular, our lawyers regularly had to neutralize illegal court rulings and decisions, issued by courts acting out of their competence and with manifest breach of jurisdictional and procedural rules. MBLS lawyers appeared on behalf of the client before the Commercial Court of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Commercial Court of Donetsk Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Commercial Court of Appeals, the High Commercial Court, and the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and also successfully managed the enforcement of court decisions up to the money transaction to the client’s bank account.

Protection of an investor in a dispute over the contract of joint activity on construction of an apartment house in the Greater Yalta

The client addressed to our firm after his contract for a joint financing of an apartment house construction had been terminated by Yalta City Court of Autonomous Republic of Crimea under the claim of the former partner of the client, one of the largest construction companies in Crimea “Konsol”. The construction company subsequently refused to perform its obligations on transfer to the investor of the property title to a part of premises in the apartment building erected in Masandra Village of a Greater Yalta of Crimea.

In order to defend the client’s interests, our lawyers submitted a new claim to the Yalta City Court. The respondent filed a counterclaim, and also initiated a number of parallel proceedings to hinder the main proceedings. As a result, our lawyers had to appear on behalf of the client in the Yalta City Court, Skadovsk District Court (Kherson Region), Primorsky District Court of Mariupol (Donetsk Region), Appeal Court of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The litigation finished after the construction company signed a settlement agreement with the investor by means of which the investors rights to receive the property have been restored.

Protection of the land holder’s interests in a dispute with a construction company being HC Kyivmiskbud

Our lawyers represented a holder of a land plot in Kyiv in a dispute with the largest contraction holdings in Kyiv being the Kyivmiskbud Holding. The disputable land plot was awarded by the Kyiv City Council to the construction company for the purpose of construction of a block of multistoried houses. MBLS lawyers appealed against the city council award and represented the land user’s interests in the Kyiv Commercial Court in dispute on the construction company’s counterclaim for vacation of the land plot by the client. As a result of our work, the client continues to use the land plot.

Representing the industrial company in disputes with tax and customs authorities of Ukraine

Lawyers of the MBLS were conducted litigation in the administrative courts of Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions of all levels in claims filed against the Mariupol Joint State Tax Office and the Customs of Zaporozhie. Subjects matter were: abolition of tax notices-decisions on refusal to provide the company the budget refund of value added tax; revoke of tax notices-decisions on reduction of the amount of budgetary compensation of the VAT and on the imposition on the company of financial sanctions. Claims to Zaporozhie Customs were of the cancellation of its decisions on increase of the customs value of goods imported by the company.

The MBLS lawyers have represented also the company's interests in the case of violation of customs rules which was commenced with regard to the protocol drawn up with Zaporozhie Customs Office. The shipment was seized by the Customs. The sanction of an article of the Code of Administrative Offences of Ukraine, the violation of which was incriminated to the company, was the confiscation of the goods and imposing on the company a fine of the cost of the goods. As a result of litigation all of mentioned decisions of tax and customs authorities were recognized by the court as illegal and were cancelled. The seized goods have been returned to the company. The VAT had been refunded. The total amount of claims was about 500,000 US dollars.

Representation of the creditor’s interests in the bankruptcy proceedings

Our lawyers presented a large Mariupol steel trading company as the creditor in the case regarding the insolvency of the one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers and dealers of professional flooring and metal tiling. The Kyiv Commercial Court allowed the creditor’s claims and included the client to the register of creditors. The amount of client’s claim was about USD 100,000.

Search of company assets in Ukraine

A liquidator of the British company addressed MBLS with the request to search the information about the company’s assets in Ukraine. Our staff conducted a comprehensive search of property and funds of the enterprise and provided the client with a detailed report.