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Law enforcement officers informed the citizen of Ukraine about the suspicion of piracy. According to the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General, such a crime is being investigated in Ukraine for the first time.

The first sea pirate in the history of Ukraine was a resident of Nikolaev.

 According to the investigation, a citizen of Ukraine, being an employee of a foreign security company, provided security services in pirate-hazardous shipping areas.

While fulfilling his security responsibilities in July 2020, he arrived with a gun on one of the Marshall Islands-flagged ships in the western Indian Ocean.

However, instead of guarding the ship, acting for his own benefit, using a weapon, he informed the captain that he seized the ship and demanded a change in its course to the port of Fujairah, as well as the payment of cash in the amount of $ 500 thousand. Negotiations with shipowner company managers lasted four days, after which the pirate was persuaded to surrender weapons and unblock the ship for $ 6 thousand.

However, when the attacker returned to the security company's floating base, he seized its arsenal and began new negotiations. This time the pirate demanded $ 100 thousand, otherwise he threatened to throw all the weapons overboard.

The company refused to pay the ransom. After the man threw some of the weapon into the water, he was stopped by force.

Ukraine 24 TV channel contacted A. Mashchenko for comments on this case, which can be found at the link (in original Ukrainian language): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_4uPcx9phE&t=16065s.