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Andrii Mashchenko and Natalia Shpak - photo

On February 22-23, 2018, partners of the MBLS Law Firm Andrii Mashchenko and Natalia Shpak took part in the BOSCO Conference, which is the leader in organization of annual VIP class conferences in the field of international law, asset protection and management, investment, taxation and international consulting.

The purpose of the event was professional cross-light and discussion of the most topical issues in the field of taxation and asset management in domestic and international practice.

Key topics were International tax planning, work in the era of changes (BEPS - Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, AEOI - Automatic Exchange of Information ): how to adapt to entrepreneurs and consultants. Review of legislative changes in different jurisdictions. Use of new tax opportunities in combination with traditional tools of asset protection.

Especially interesting topics were: EU funds. Offshore VS Trust; Alternative investment tools: crypto funds, Initial Coin Offering / Initial Token Offering, private placement.

2017 and early 2018 marked an increasing tax transparency. The most important role in this was played by the process of automatic exchange of tax information, as well as the adoption in some jurisdictions of new laws providing for the disclosure of beneficiaries of companies. Changes happens not only in legislative area but in rules of working with financial institutions as well, including working with banks and financial companies.

MBLS' lawyers will advise you on the most important issues and will provide their recommendations on further work with offshore and other foreign companies. We'll warn you about potential risks and ways of their minimization and of opportunities as well.

Andrii Mashchenko and Stefan Taschjian - Law Offices of Stefan Taschjian, Berlin, Germany - photo

Andrii Mashchenko and Stefan Taschjian - Law Offices of Stefan Taschjian, Berlin, Germany

Andrii Mashchenko and Arthur Tihanuk - photo

Andrii Mashchenko and Arthur Tihanuk, Linked Europe Grpoup, Riga, Latvia