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Transport / Maritime Law

  • legal support of goods transportation by sea, rail and other modes of transport
  • legal support for activities of freight forwarders and marine agents
  • drawing up and legal examination of shipping contracts
  • resolution of disputes related to the contract of carriage (damage / loss of cargo, exceeding the term for delivery, failure to pay, etc.)
  • consultations related to port regulation. Settlement of disputes with the port ...
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International Courts And Arbitration

  • representation of interests in foreign courts in commercial, administrative and civil cases
  • handling cases in international commercial arbitration
  • arrest of property abroad, application of other interim measures
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial and arbitral awards in Ukraine and decisions of Ukrainian courts abroad
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Litigation in Ukraine

  • representation of the interests of citizens and legal entities in courts in economic, administrative and civil cases, as well as arbitration courts in Ukraine
  • arrests of property, including cargo, other movable and immovable property to secure the claim, seizure of sea-going vessels
  • follow-up of execution of court decisions
  • support of bankruptcy procedures, protection of creditors' interests
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International And Local Trade / Customs Issues

  • preparation and legal expertise of international commercial contracts and contracts between residents of Ukraine. In particular: contracts of sale and purchase, charter-party, agency and distribution contracts and others
  • disputes with customs authorities. In particular: cancellation decisions on adjusting the customs value of goods and decisions on the seizure of goods on the basis of protocols compiled by customs authorities on the violation ...
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Servicing Everyday Business Activities And Investments

  • legal support of establishment of business
  • sale and purchase of business
  • legal support of everyday activity of the company
  • real estate and construction
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Immigration Law

  • advising with regard to immigration procedures
  • supporting the procedure for obtaining work permits for foreigners in Ukraine
  • legal support for obtaining permits for temporary or permanent residence of foreigners in Ukraine
  • assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship
  • consultations on the procedure of emigration to the European ...
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Family And Hereditary Matters

  • marriage contracts, co-residence agreements
  • settlement of disputes on joint property of spouses (division of property, determination of the procedure for using joint property)
  • divorce
  • determination of the place of children's residence, determination of the order of communication with the children of the spouse who live separately ...