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Andrii Mashchenko, MBLS

7 October 2017

On October 6 and 7, 2017, representatives of MBLS Andrii Mashchenko and Natalia Shpak took part in the second annual Investment Promotion Forum ODESSA 5T in Odessa, Ukraine, which is a platform for exchange of experience with key players of the investment market in the fields of trade, trusts, transport, technology and tourism.

Speakers of the forum - leaders of investment and development companies presented the audience achievements in innovative projects in the field of IT technologies, transport, capital markets. We would especially like to note the most interesting presentations of Thompson Reuters (Valentin Ilchuk) - a provider of analytical information, informational solutions, databases for business, Empire State Capital (Alex Bart) - a company specializing in capital markets, debt, securities, asset management and structured products, Forrest Equity Management in the person of Mr. Devrazh - the head of several business consortia working in the energy and real estate sectors. In the sphere of transport, we would especially like to note the interesting presentation of Mr Alexander Varvarenko being the Director General of VARAMAR GROUP and SHIPNEXT on the theme: "Trends in the field of navigation and transport and further switching to automation and computerization. Prospectives of Ukraine". The product created and applied in business by the SHIPNEXT has no analogues yet on the market and is the result of the ten-year experience of the company.

At the end of the 5T Forum, the guests enjoyed the cultural program, kindly provided by the organizers of the event.

Natalia Shpak, MBLS