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During the event, Mr. Ambassador presented an investment attractive section of the economy of Chile. There was an informal conversation with Mr Julio Bravo Yubini, Ambassador of the Republic of Chile to Poland and Ukraine, and Enrique Carrasco, Director of ProChile in Poland.

Promising in cooperation with Chile is the involvement of Chilean investments for the reconstruction of oil refineries, exploration, extraction and processing of oil, in the field of computer science, food industry, energy, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, in the modernization and construction of railways, seaports, irrigation projects.

Ukraine, in its turn, is interested in implementing investment projects in Chile, the creation of joint productions, including on a compensation basis, industrial cooperation in energy, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, engineering, transport construction, irrigation, urban transport, agriculture and fisheries.

In the future, the Chilean market can be seen as a space for the promotion of Ukrainian competitive goods and services to other Latin American countries as well.

Taking into account the new, more favorable political situation in Chile, Ukraine faces the task of making the best use of all available opportunities for the promotion of domestic exports and the implementation of joint projects.

Andrii Mashchenko, director of MBLS law firm, during the event, received from the Ambassador information on the possibility of business registration with foreigners in Chile, the taxation of business and the protection of investments.