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The MBLS provided advice to participants of the “ARMA” (National Agency of Ukraine for the Detection, Searching and Management of Assets obtained by Corruption and Other Crimes) tender, which expressed a desire to obtain tankers owned by Russian shipowners and arrested by Ukrainian courts in criminal cases against Russia, commenced in connection with the military invasion of Ukraine.

In particular, the consultations provided included advices on: the procedure for registration of vessels in the ship register of Ukraine to give them the right to sail under the flag of Ukraine; the procedure for obtaining ship documents for sailing between Ukrainian and foreign ports; the possibility of registering ships under a foreign flag, ship documents and the procedure for obtaining them in this case; the procedure for obtaining a license for commercial shipping, in particular for the transport of dangerous cargo such as oil and oil products by sea.

Note - The National Agency of Ukraine for Detection, Searching and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes manages assets seized in criminal proceedings, including as a measure to secure a lawsuit filed in the interests of the state, with the establishment of prohibitions on the disposal and / or use of such assets. These assets are taken into the management on the basis of the decision of the investigating judge.

The property is managed by the National Agency, in particular, by transferring assets to the management of legal entities or physical bodies-entrepreneurs determined by the results of the tender in accordance with the procedure established by law. Asset management is carried out on the terms of efficiency, as well as preservation (if possible - increase) of assets’ economic value.