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We share news about interesting cases conducted by MBLS lawyers. This time in the practice of international maritime law and international corporate relations.

We were approached by one of the participants in the project to arrange the work of the international shipping line between Ukraine, the Middle East and the European Union.

 In this case, the MBLS’ lawyers provided the Client with legal advice with regard to the following issues:

  • the rights and obligations of the Client as a co-owner and official of a maritime agency and forwarding company based in the Middle East.
  • relations between the shipowner and his agents in Ukraine and the European Union.
  • the order of distribution of profits between co-owners of agency companies in Ukraine and the Middle East.
  • the relationship of the shipowner's agents with the ports, in particular the repayment of the agent's debt to the port for ship calls.
  • relations of maritime agents in different countries among themselves.

We have worked out options for co-owners of these companies to voluntarily fulfil mutual obligations related to joint business in Ukraine, the EU and the Middle East, as well as ways to protect the interests of the Client in its relations with business partners. The issue of the possibility to repay the debt of a maritime agent in the EU country due to the port by another payer has been worked out also. We provided legal advice on the way of a change by the shipowner of the agent.

The client was advised on the options for obliging his business partners to fulfil their obligations to him related to the conduct of joint ventures, in court and through the application of other legal procedures in Ukraine, the Middle East and the United States.

The protection of the Client's interests was complicated by the fact that the above-mentioned companies and their owners are registered and are citizens of different countries. Corporate structures of companies have a multilevel ownership structure with the involvement of many legal entities and individuals from different countries.

As a result of consultations provided by the MBLS and negotiations conducted by the Client, the disputes were settled in amicable way.