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Andrіі Mashchenko, Director of MBLS Law Firm, spoke at online conferences on technologies for liquidating spills of organic pollution and oil products within designated water areas. Participants of the conferences were the Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration and the TIS group of terminals - the largest stevedoring operator in Ukraine.

The trainings-seminars were arranged by the Black Sea Training Center under the auspices of "ECONAD GROUP", which for 25 years has been developing and implementing environmental technologies aimed at protecting the environment from oil pollution.

Within the report, Mr. Mashchenko made an overview of the main international conventions and norms of Ukrainian legislation regulating issues related to pollution of port waters and prevention of sea pollution. He lighted up the issues of compensation for harm caused because of pollution of sea waters, incl. with oil. He spoke about the procedure for notification on a spill, the interaction of the territorial bodies of the State Environmental Inspection and the Administration of seaports after the spill, the procedure for fixing the fact and source of pollution, and assessing the damage caused. Andrii paid attention also to insurance and other modes of ensuring the liability of the ship owner, the legal grounds for limiting the liability of the ship owner and grounds for release from liability, the procedure for filing claims and lawsuits in connection with spills. He spoke as well about the procedure and grounds for the detention and arrest of sea-going vessels in connection with the pollution of the sea.

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