October 6 and 7, 2017

Representatives of MBLS Andrii Mashchenko and Shpak Natalia took part in the second annual Investment Promotion Forum ODESSA 5 T in Odessa, Ukraine.

On October 6 and 7, 2017, representatives of MBLS Andrii Mashchenko and Shpak Natalia took part in the second annual Investment Promotion Forum ODESSA 5 T in Odessa, which is a platform for exchange of experience with key players of the investment market in the fields of trade, trusts, transport, technology and tourism.

The forum, arranged with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Development and Trade of Ukraine and the Odessa City Council, gathered more than 500 participants from dozens of countries. Guests from Singapore, Great Britain, USA, Italy, France, Korea, Israel, Greece as well as representatives of many international foundations gathered here to exchange experiences and present new investment projects.

Speakers of the forum - leaders of investment and development companies presented the audience achievements in innovative projects in the field of IT technologies, transport, capital markets. We would especially like to note the most interesting presentations of Thompson Reuters (Valentin Ilchuk) - a provider of analytical information, informational solutions, databases for business, Empire State Capital (Alex Bart) - a company specializing in capital markets, debt, securities, asset management and structured products, Forrest Equity Management in the person of Mr. Devrazh - the head of several business consortia working in the energy and real estate sectors. In the sphere of transport, we would especially like to note the interesting presentation of Mr Alexander Varvarenko being the Director General of VARAMAR GROUP and SHIPNEXT on the theme: "Trends in the field of navigation and transport and further switching to automation and computerization. Prospectives of Ukraine”. The product created and applied in business by the SHIPNEXT has no analogues yet on the market and is the result of the ten-year experience of the company.

At the end of the 5T Forum, the guests enjoyed the cultural program, kindly provided by the organizers of the event.

28 April 2017

Mashchenko Andrii - a managing partner of MBLS Law firm became a member of the International Relations Committee of the National Bar Association of Ukraine

Committee on International Relations is the UNBA advisory body.

Purpose of the Committee is establishing, developing and maintaining relations between the Ukrainian National Bar Association and foreign and international organizations.

The Committee’s main tasks are as follows: 

- providing recommendations on establishing links with foreign and international organizations; 

- preparing documents for the formalization of relations between the UNBA and foreign/international organizations; 

- providing organizational support with the purpose of accession of the UNBA to international associations of advocates/lawyers; 

- maintaining business relations with foreign/international organizations on an ongoing basis; 

- submitting proposals to the UNBA/BCU President on participation of the UNBA in international events; 

- submitting proposals for conduct by the UNBA of international events in Ukraine; 

- examining appeals within its competence; 

- cooperating with foreign/international organizations which provide technical or financial assistance for the development of the bar of Ukraine; 

- other activities within the competence determined by the Regulation on the UNBA Committee on International Relations.

Here is the link to the committee's website (in Ukrainian language):

February 4, 2016

The Commercial Court of Mykolayiv Region held a roundtable for judges and lawyers of Mykolaiv region on the topic: "The arrest of sea-going ships with regard to maritime claim in Ukraine and responsibility for wrongful arrest"

The initiators of the event were Commercial Court of Mykolayiv Region and Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association - NGO the main purpose of which is the development of international maritime law and national legislation of Ukraine in the field. Since 2012 this organization is a member of the International Maritime Committee (Comite Maritime International) - an organization that was formally established in 1897 and currently is one of the authoritative international organizations, which deals with the unification of maritime law. The first round table on the arrest of ships took place on October 15 last year in Odesa in the Odessa National Maritime Academy and received the approvals of the participants. In order to improve professional skills of judges the Commercial Court of Mykolayiv Region supported the initiative of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association on the second such event in Nikolaev. The round table in Nikolayev was attended by local courts judges and lawyers working in the field of merchant shipping.

The speakers were: a partner of the law firm "Rabomizo" and president of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association Denys Rabomizo, senior partner of law firm «Black Sea Law Company» a Board member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association Yevhen Sukachev and the director of "MBLS Law firm" Andrei Mashchenko.

During the event the problematic issues of legal regulation of arrest of sea-going vessels for maritime claims in Ukraine, as well as ways of resolution of outstanding issues at the legislative level were analyzed. The participants of the event paid special attention to the discussion of the process of applying for seizure, arrest's  duration and release from arrest as well as liability for the wrongful arrest of the ship.
Round table on problems of arrest of ships was another step of Commercial Court of Mykolayiv Region towards training of judges and lawyers in the city which the court holds.

The publication can also be found on the website of Commercial Court of Mykolaiv following the link:

June 7, 2017

The MBLS Law firm and The Indian Lawyer TM decided to act as partners in matters affecting the Ukrainian and Indian jurisdictions.

The Indian Lawyer TM is an Indian law firm with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The firm specializes in dispute resolution; Banking and finance; Corporate and commercial law; Investments; Manufacturing in India; Mining, Oil and Gas; Railways and Aviation; WTO / international trade and customs law and Taxation.
More information about The Indian Lawyer TM you may find on the company's website:

May 11, 2017

Mashchenko Lyudmila Ivanovna, a partner of the MBLS Law firm, took part in the discussion of the present and future navigation and maritime business in Ukraine in the program of the Mariupol television "Word against the word."

As a result of the discussion, the participants concluded: the need for Ukrainian seafarers to be more attentive to the terms of contracts for hiring, in particular to protect the right to compensation for harm caused to their life and health; Necessity of state support of national navigation, by granting a fiscal relief and other preferences to Ukrainian shipping companies and thus returning to Ukraine the status of a naval power.
You can see the program by clicking on the link below:

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